People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.


This Tuesday is a very special Umlaut, as we bring you a 2-part event that is sure to keep you satisfied.

First, at 10pm, we'll be playing the brand new album "Breedless" from Ego Likeness IN ITS ENTIRETY. Ego Likeness, though being from Maryland, has always felt like a local act to us Charlottesvillains, and let's face it, this new record's incredible. Oh, and even though it's not available in stores via Metropolis Records until April 13th, Ego's drummer, Mike Johnson, will be on-hand to sell you an advanced copy! THESE ARE IN LIMITED SUPPLY, SO SHOW UP EARLY! Needless to say, this will get the night off to a good start, and get you ready and raring to dance.

And it's a good thing, too, because once that's over DJs Elaris and Rift are taking the gloves off. That's right... they've spun together countless times, but now it'll be an all-out throw-down to see who can get you moving more! With a wide assortment of electro-industrial music both past and present, this is an event where the winner has already been determined: You.

18+, $5, Bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before and you'll get in FREE, SO INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
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