TONIGHT @ UMLAUT: xUBERx w/ DJs Rift and DuJour

It's an Industrial experience like no other on June 22, as Umlaut begins delivering its promise of live bands once a month! xUBERx have long blown away crowds in the DC/Baltimore area, and last time they came to Charlottesville they left a trail of amazement in their wake. Fans of Angelspit, Stromkern, and KMFDM will especially dig their sound and fury. And, if that weren't enough Industrial Madness for you, they're bringing down DJ Dujour, one of Umlaut's most popular guest DJs, with them, and our very own DJ Rift will throw down the beats as well. If you miss this, you'll kick yourself so hard you'll spit shoe polish!

18+, and ONLY $5! INVITE ALL YOUR FB FRIENDS and let's blow the roof off this thing!

TONIGHT @ UMLAUT: Richmond Invasion Part III: The Fallout

Hot on the heels of a successful live performance by Oh So, Umlaut's ready to kick the dancing into high gear with the final installment of the Richmond Invasion. It's important to note that SINCE THERE WILL NOT BE AN UMLAUT MAY 4TH, THIS IS YOUR LAST UMLAUT FOR TWO WEEKS, so you KNOW you wanna make it out! Plus, it's time to play a little role reversal...

See, our house DJ, Mr. AudioRapture German himself, has often guest-DJed up at Fallout in Richmond. Well now THEIR house DJ, Jackie, is leaving the safety of home and throwing down with AudioRapture on his own turf. The result: Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Alternative, Powernoise, 80s... you'll get it ALL! Quite simply, it'll be just plain amazing...

18+, $5, bring 2 paying friends who have NEVER been to Umlaut before and you get in FREE, so be sure to INVITE EVERYONE!


Umlaut is proud to present the first-ever performance of what promises to be a legendary Charlottesville Act. Oh So rises from the ashes of two of Charlottesville's most respected Goth acts, In Tenebris and IDIL(ideal), like a phoenix, burning holes in genre classifications and setting the musical bar even higher. Described as a sound that is "definitely Charlottesville," Oh So has been compared to Depeche Mode, New Order, Nine Inch Nails, and the Smashing Pumpkins while retaining some of the signature sound Jdavyd Williams made famous while writing for and playing with In Tenebris. Already having met with critical success, Oh So is now looking to impress YOU.

Umlaut's own DJ Elaris and WNRN's DJ Patrick Allen will be spinning before and after the band, making this the best show you'll spend five bucks on in quite some time, if not ever! Invite your friends, as this is an event people will most likely be talking about from here on out.

TONIGHT! DJs ANT and RIFT at Umlaut!

April is Richmond DJ month at Umlaut. For 3 nights this month, Richmond DJs are taking over the booth to show us how they do things in the East. Wherever there's a Richmond DJ, there's usually a crowd of Richmond clubgoers too, and that means more insane partying than you'll know what to do with!

For the first installment, DJ Ant returns to Umlaut to inflict his particular blend of new and classic industrial mayhem upon all in attendance. Can Umlaut's own DJ Rift prevent the club from being reduced to a smoldering crater, or will he just speed up the destruction? The only way to find out is to show up! We'll see you there!

18+, $5, Bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before and you get in FREE, so INVITE ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS and save some money!

And don't forget to come out April 20 for the VERY FIRST PERFORMANCE of Oh So, featuring former members of In Tenebris and IDIL(ideal)!


This Tuesday is a very special Umlaut, as we bring you a 2-part event that is sure to keep you satisfied.

First, at 10pm, we'll be playing the brand new album "Breedless" from Ego Likeness IN ITS ENTIRETY. Ego Likeness, though being from Maryland, has always felt like a local act to us Charlottesvillains, and let's face it, this new record's incredible. Oh, and even though it's not available in stores via Metropolis Records until April 13th, Ego's drummer, Mike Johnson, will be on-hand to sell you an advanced copy! THESE ARE IN LIMITED SUPPLY, SO SHOW UP EARLY! Needless to say, this will get the night off to a good start, and get you ready and raring to dance.

And it's a good thing, too, because once that's over DJs Elaris and Rift are taking the gloves off. That's right... they've spun together countless times, but now it'll be an all-out throw-down to see who can get you moving more! With a wide assortment of electro-industrial music both past and present, this is an event where the winner has already been determined: You.

18+, $5, Bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before and you'll get in FREE, SO INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Tonight! St. Patty's Day @ Umlaut!

It's a Saint Patty's Day Massacre at Umlaut THIS TUESDAY. Two of Charlottesville's most notorious Irishman invade the booth for a night of unpredictable mayhem. DJ Johnny Coal brings his collection of Goth, Death Rock, and probably and Irish Punk track or two while the iTank will deliver an ecclectic mix of Goth, Synth Pop, 80s, and who knows what else? If that weren't enough, Umlaut's own DJ Audiorapture will provide all the stompy EBM/Industrial you crave!

Saint Patrick's Day officially starts at midnight, so let's ring it in with the requisite amount of drunken debauchery! Or, hell, if that ain't your thing, at least you'll have some damn good tunes!

18+, $5, and if you bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before, you get in FREE.

TONIGHT! UMLAUT's 5th Anniversary!

5 years ago a few people got together to create a new haven for dark alternative music in Charlottesville during the week, and most others thought they were crazy. "A Tuesday? It'll never last!" Now, what started as a monthly phenomenon has become a weekly event with a reputation as one of the craziest parties in town. And to celebrate, DJs AudioRapture and Rat Bastard, the first DJs to ever spin at Umlaut, will join forces again to keep you dancing all night!

But we wouldn't be turning 5 without making a big deal out of it. First off, there's the TWO-FOR-ONE ADMISSION deal: 2 people get in for $5. That makes this one of the cheapest good times you can get that you DIDN'T hear about from a men's room wall. If you are or know someone who's been interested in giving Umlaut a try, now's the time, as you can get in for next to nothing!

Plus, we're going to have a special drawing that night. One lucky person will win FREE ADMISSION TO UMLAUT FOR A YEAR. How exciting is that?

This event promises to be legendary, SO INVITE EVERYONE YOU CAN. Let's show Rapture, Charlottesville, and anyone who's watching that the next five years of Umlaut will be even better than the last!

TONIGHT! AudioRapture @ Fallout (Richmond, VA)

Umlaut's house DJ AudioRapture returns to Fallout tonight! See you there!

Richmond's goth/industrial club's Fetish Friday:
BIND: Tape & Rope; dress up in your best bindings!

117 N. 18th Street
Richmond, VA 23223

Also: Don't miss Umlaut's 5th anniversary on Tuesday next week!

TONIGHT! DJ Addambombb @ UMLAUT!

Man... you remember that time the Dawning got this cool national DJ who kept people dancing to awesome Electro/Industrial all night long? Wouldn't it be cool if that happened again?

We know you're hungry for dancing after 2 weeks without an Umlaut, so we're pulling out all the stops this time! Celebrated mixmaster DJ Addambombb returns to Charlottesville after several years as a part of his east coast tour, and our very own DJ Elaris will join him for ultimate satisfaction. Expect pounding beats and the very best in new/classic industrial for the best $5 you can spend on a Tuesday! And, as always, if you bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before, you get in FREE!

And don't forget that one week later, on the 23rd, it's Umlaut's 5th birthday! Rumor has it it's also the birthday of one of Umlaut's staff, so you KNOW it's gonna be insane!



Umlaut's long been a gathering place for people who know how to party, and RVAFreaks.com has taken notice. This Tuesday, they're loading up a caravan of cars and heading in to show Charlottesville just what they're made of. WNRN DJs AudioRapture and Patrick Allen will be showing them just how we do things in the Ville, spinning the best in Industrial, EBM, Alternative Dance Music, and Goth.
So come on, Umlaut regulars! Show these Freaks how it's done! And if you've never been to Umlaut before, this is a fantastic time to give it a shot!

18+. $5. Join up with RVAFreaks.com to see how you might be able to get a discount!