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the_dawning's Journal

*~The Dawning~*
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goth industrial music and dancing
The Dawning is an Industrial/Gothic/EBM/etc club based in Charlottesville, Virginia. We have a strong scene here despite the smaller size of the city, with pull from DC, Richmond, and the surrounding areas; we are known for our friendly club!

The Dawning takes place on Saturday nights at OurSpace which is located under the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA. We have a rotating roster of both local and guest DJs.

Admission for DJ nights is $5. Doors open at 10pm, and the night goes until 2am.

The Dawning has been going strong for just about 10 years, with a consistent draw and a good reputation. We have featured many acts from every level of renown.
Here are some of the bands that have made it to our wonderful, little but great club!

*Bella Morte
*Synthetic Division
*The Last Dance
*High Blue Star
*Slick Idiot
*More Machine Than Man
*Spider Lilies
*The Cruxshadows
*Hindu Pez
*The Machine in the Garden
*Anathema Device
*Terminal Ready
*Media Violence
*In Tenebris
*Heretics in the Lab
*The Brides
*Silent Muse
*Synthetic Nightmare
*This Means You
*Violet Dawning
*Logic of Decay
*Void Stares Back
*No Gods No Monsters

Contact nothingoth for more info!