People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.

TONIGHT @ UMLAUT: xUBERx w/ DJs Rift and DuJour

It's an Industrial experience like no other on June 22, as Umlaut begins delivering its promise of live bands once a month! xUBERx have long blown away crowds in the DC/Baltimore area, and last time they came to Charlottesville they left a trail of amazement in their wake. Fans of Angelspit, Stromkern, and KMFDM will especially dig their sound and fury. And, if that weren't enough Industrial Madness for you, they're bringing down DJ Dujour, one of Umlaut's most popular guest DJs, with them, and our very own DJ Rift will throw down the beats as well. If you miss this, you'll kick yourself so hard you'll spit shoe polish!

18+, and ONLY $5! INVITE ALL YOUR FB FRIENDS and let's blow the roof off this thing!
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