People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.

TONIGHT @ UMLAUT: Richmond Invasion Part III: The Fallout

Hot on the heels of a successful live performance by Oh So, Umlaut's ready to kick the dancing into high gear with the final installment of the Richmond Invasion. It's important to note that SINCE THERE WILL NOT BE AN UMLAUT MAY 4TH, THIS IS YOUR LAST UMLAUT FOR TWO WEEKS, so you KNOW you wanna make it out! Plus, it's time to play a little role reversal...

See, our house DJ, Mr. AudioRapture German himself, has often guest-DJed up at Fallout in Richmond. Well now THEIR house DJ, Jackie, is leaving the safety of home and throwing down with AudioRapture on his own turf. The result: Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, EBM, Alternative, Powernoise, 80s... you'll get it ALL! Quite simply, it'll be just plain amazing...

18+, $5, bring 2 paying friends who have NEVER been to Umlaut before and you get in FREE, so be sure to INVITE EVERYONE!
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