People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.

TONIGHT! DJs ANT and RIFT at Umlaut!

April is Richmond DJ month at Umlaut. For 3 nights this month, Richmond DJs are taking over the booth to show us how they do things in the East. Wherever there's a Richmond DJ, there's usually a crowd of Richmond clubgoers too, and that means more insane partying than you'll know what to do with!

For the first installment, DJ Ant returns to Umlaut to inflict his particular blend of new and classic industrial mayhem upon all in attendance. Can Umlaut's own DJ Rift prevent the club from being reduced to a smoldering crater, or will he just speed up the destruction? The only way to find out is to show up! We'll see you there!

18+, $5, Bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before and you get in FREE, so INVITE ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS and save some money!

And don't forget to come out April 20 for the VERY FIRST PERFORMANCE of Oh So, featuring former members of In Tenebris and IDIL(ideal)!
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