People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.

Tonight! St. Patty's Day @ Umlaut!

It's a Saint Patty's Day Massacre at Umlaut THIS TUESDAY. Two of Charlottesville's most notorious Irishman invade the booth for a night of unpredictable mayhem. DJ Johnny Coal brings his collection of Goth, Death Rock, and probably and Irish Punk track or two while the iTank will deliver an ecclectic mix of Goth, Synth Pop, 80s, and who knows what else? If that weren't enough, Umlaut's own DJ Audiorapture will provide all the stompy EBM/Industrial you crave!

Saint Patrick's Day officially starts at midnight, so let's ring it in with the requisite amount of drunken debauchery! Or, hell, if that ain't your thing, at least you'll have some damn good tunes!

18+, $5, and if you bring 2 paying friends who have never been to Umlaut before, you get in FREE.
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