People fear change. Fear changes people. (audiorapture) wrote in the_dawning,
People fear change. Fear changes people.

TONIGHT! UMLAUT's 5th Anniversary!

5 years ago a few people got together to create a new haven for dark alternative music in Charlottesville during the week, and most others thought they were crazy. "A Tuesday? It'll never last!" Now, what started as a monthly phenomenon has become a weekly event with a reputation as one of the craziest parties in town. And to celebrate, DJs AudioRapture and Rat Bastard, the first DJs to ever spin at Umlaut, will join forces again to keep you dancing all night!

But we wouldn't be turning 5 without making a big deal out of it. First off, there's the TWO-FOR-ONE ADMISSION deal: 2 people get in for $5. That makes this one of the cheapest good times you can get that you DIDN'T hear about from a men's room wall. If you are or know someone who's been interested in giving Umlaut a try, now's the time, as you can get in for next to nothing!

Plus, we're going to have a special drawing that night. One lucky person will win FREE ADMISSION TO UMLAUT FOR A YEAR. How exciting is that?

This event promises to be legendary, SO INVITE EVERYONE YOU CAN. Let's show Rapture, Charlottesville, and anyone who's watching that the next five years of Umlaut will be even better than the last!
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